Genealogy – Where Does My Family Come From?

It seems every American would want to know where their genealogy lies. Do you ever wonder who you’re family is related to?

America is a land of immigrants so everyone’s roots lie somewhere else. This subject matter is not something you should know, it’s something you should want to know. Are you curious where your genealogy lies?

Once you begin digging into your family’s past, you’ll discover a world you never knew existed and find yourself on an intriguing journey. And, if luck holds out, you’ll be able to travel to the land of your family’s history and see everything you’ve learned for yourself up close and personal.

I made that decision several years ago. I knew 2 of my great grandmothers, both of whom arrived at Ellis Island in the 1880’s. I’ve always been interested in history, so I asked a lot of questions. I learned that my genealogy was of Irish and French descent.

Fast forward 3 decades and now I’m interested again. So I spoke with my Grandmother about my genealogy. She just happened to have an old newspaper article she saved from her mother about new immigrants arriving in New York. This article was over 100 years old and happened to list my descendants, their age, who they married and where they came from. This was a great place to start.

I made the decision to travel to Europe tightly holding a copy of the newspaper article. It was like having a map pulling me in the right direction. I started out in Dublin where I found myself at the Office of Genealogy. I found my family crest and coat of arms.

From Dublin I drove down to south eastern Ireland. I finally found the tiny town of Cappaquin in the County of Cork. This is where the 100 year old newspaper article said I should be. I started asking people if they knew of anyone with my last name. To my surprise, I found several people I was directly related to.

The most interesting part was going to the graveyard and seeing the grave stones marked with names of people in my family history dating back several hundred years. I also went to the town Vicker where I found the county’s book of births, deaths and marriages.

You can go even further if you know where to look. The smallest clue could land you on the streets your ancestors walked. Genealogy is a hot topic today. Finding out where you really come from makes you feel more at peace with yourself. I don’t know why but it just does. Unless you’re an American Indian, you will have to look outside the United States to know your true genealogy.

Hi, my name is April. I’ve written this article on genealogy because many people don’t know how to find out where their heritage lies. I was hoping my story would encourage people to start looking. Please visit my website at

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